‘Festivalcheck’ as a Guide for Hearing Protection

The National Hearing Foundation of the Netherlands introduces the tool ‘Festivalcheck’ today. This website enables easy access to information about the availability of hearing protection on festival sites.

At festivalcheck, a festivalgoer can check if and where hearing protection (earplugs) is for sale on the festival site. Also available is information on types of hearing protection sold and prices (if known). The National Hearing Foundation and the cooperating festival organisers hope to stimulate the wearing of earplugs in this manner. The Festivalcheck can be found at oorcheck.nl/festivalcheck.

I Love My Ears

Festivalcheck is an extension of the awareness campaign I Love My Ears. One of its aims is to make festivalgoers aware of the risks of hearing damage by loud music. I Love My Ears recommends:

  • Wear hearing protection with a music filter
  • Keep some distance from the speakers
  • Give your ears a rest now and then

During Music Festival Pinkpop 2017, the I Love My Ears campaign will receive special attention. The campaign is an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Public Health, Welfare, and Sports, in collaboration with the trade associations VVEM (Event Organisers Association) and VNPF (Dutch Pop Podiums and Festivals Association). It has been active for several years with great success.