Expansion posters I Love My Ears

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Plug | Place | Pause

These three words represent the core of the I Love My Ears campaign. They are easy to remember, allowing you to fully focus on the music. Plug: wear those plugs, Place: what spot do you pick?, Pause: give your ears a rest. With these tips you can keep enjoying music.

I Love My Ears has a wide range of promotional material which organizers and music venues can use. Quotes by Dutch celebrities and the advice of the campaign have been added to the posters. By doing so, the message becomes more clearly. The quotes and advice are available in Dutch and English to appeal to a wide audience.

In addition to the posters, there is much more material available such as logos, banners and clips. There is also a special logo available to guide visitors to the spot where you can get earplugs. All promotional material can be downloaded free of charge from this website. You can request a login by sending an email to info@ilovemyears.nl.