More information about the relationship between sound and hearing damage can be found here, but also useful links to authorities who can provide you with info (and more).

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Good music is best enjoyed loud! With a headphone you can determine the volume yourself, but how to do that at a performance of a band or DJ? Our locations take care to keep to a volume that is safe with earplugs, so that you can keep enjoying as long as possible.

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The production of ‘good’ sound is dependent on many factors. The technicians at our locations work at balancing sound in such a way that it is attuned to the room, the performance, the time of day, the capacity and so on… In short: it should be optimal, while irritating as few ears as possible.

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Are you often exposed to high sound pressure levels? It is smart to use earplugs. Investing in good plugs means you will get less tired and can prevent damage to your hearing.

A yearly hearing test, as important as the dentist check-up!

How does your hearing develop? You can chart that with the Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs). This technique brings to light hearing damage at an early stage, so that timely measures can be taken. You can also do a free speech in noise test such as the Oorcheck hearing test ( You can have done a free pure tone audiometry test at a hearing care professional.

How do you know if your earplugs provide good protection? It is important to yearly have them tested for ‘proper functioning’ (leaktested).

Where can you go for professional guidance in the field of hearing protection? HearingCoach is an organization of preventative audiologists specialized in preventative hearing care.

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Earplugs are available everywhere nowadays. But we are not speaking of garden variety aids: your ears deserve an investment so that they stay healthy! Look at the companies below for examples of quality plugs. Do you think your company should be included? Contact us via


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