What spot do you pick?

Stay safe when listening: look around for the best spot to enjoy the music and still be far enough away from the speakers. Getting too close can damage your sense of hearing. Keeping a distance of 2 meters from the speakers already makes a difference of about 10 dB.

Wear those plugs

Wear those plugs! Use of earplugs with a music filter is recommended for sound pressure levels of higher than 80 dB. This way you can still hear the music well and communicate better with friends while protecting your hearing at the same time.

Give your ears a rest

Find a quiet place once in a while to give your ears a break. That way, they can recover and stay fit to enjoy live music!


I Love My Ears now available in English

The website and Facebookpage of I Love My Ears is now also available in English. I Love My Ears is a Dutch campaign, but that doesn’t mean that only ‘Dutch’ ears should be protected. To reach a wider audience, we now offer the website and Facebookpage in two languages.

Eurosonic Noorderslag Loves I Love My Ears

The biggest international festival Eurosonic Noorderslag has embraced I Love My Ears. On the festival as well on the international congress (with over 3.500 visitors!), will be presented to our campaign exposures.

‘Festivalcheck’ as a Guide for Hearing Protection

The National Hearing Foundation of the Netherlands introduces the tool ‘Festivalcheck’ today. This website enables easy access to information about the availability of hearing protection on festival sites.

Pearl Jam provides earplugs at concerts

Concertgoers will be offered earplugs before Pearl Jam’s shows in order to protect their sense of hearing. “Don't be careless and lazy at loud rock shows or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was 30 years ago,” said bass player Jeff Ament.

Less hearing damage by wearing ear plugs during festivals

“The risk of hearing damage after a music festival can be reduced by wearing hearing protection. Temporary hearing loss occurred five times more with visitors who did not wear ear plugs than with people who did.” That is the conclusion of scientists of UMC Utrecht, who, together with MTV Benelux and Van Boxtel hearing shops, performed research at a music festival in Amsterdam.

I Love My Ears on RTL Late Night

Prior to the biggest dance event in the world, five prominent Dutch DJs (Fedde le Grand, Nicky Romero, Hardwel, Martin Garrix and Dash Berlin) spoke about protecting your ears among other topics.



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